Episode 7

I used to hate clicking and ticking noises. Just any ongoing, same sounding noise. It could be the sound of a clock ticking. Or even the subtle doof doof coming through another person’s headphones. MAKE IT STOP! To give you an example, years ago, I used to travel with...Read More

Episode 5

It was the first year of the new millennium, and while I had started off the year with a bang, I was finishing it quite differently. My valve wasn’t working properly and I was slowly getting to the point of heart failure. I wasn’t working, I couldn’t walk too far and...Read More

Episode 4

I learnt many years ago to only worry about the things I can control. And it was my occasionally weird sense of humour that got me to that way of thinking. Let me explain. I used to live in an inner suburb of Melbourne called Yarraville. I was a few minutes stroll to...Read More


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