Episode 9

As part of having open heart surgery, the way doctors get access to your heart is roughly like this: Your chest is cut open. This is known as a sternotomy and is usually 6-8 inches long. The breastbone is cut. Your rib cage is pulled apart. Full access is now gained...Read More
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Episode 8

One Thursday night in February 2011, Stephen and I were heading out for dinner with a friend. We waited at the restaurant for a while and then we just ate because she hadn’t arrived and wasn’t answering her phone. When we got home, I went straight to bed as I didn’t...Read More

Episode 6

As early as 1865, Melbournians have enjoyed a public holiday for the running of a horse race. As it’s not just any old horse race – it’s the prestigious Melbourne Cup! It’s known as “the race that stops the nation” because there is very little happening at 3pm AEST...Read More


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