Episode 5

It was the first year of the new millennium, and while I had started off the year with a bang, I was finishing it quite differently. My valve wasn’t working properly and I was slowly getting to the point of heart failure. I wasn’t working, I couldn’t walk too far and...Read More

Episode 4

I learnt many years ago to only worry about the things I can control. And it was my occasionally weird sense of humour that got me to that way of thinking. Let me explain. I used to live in an inner suburb of Melbourne called Yarraville. I was a few minutes stroll to...Read More

Episode 3

I take heaps of photos. Heaps. In fact, on my personal Facebook page, I am approaching about 12,000 photos saved. Buying a new camera when we were in Singapore rather than relying on the old iPhone probably didn’t help matters much either – because now I think I’m...Read More

Episode One

  WELCOME Welcome to the first episode of my blog as That Heart Guy. My blog is not an information series about how the heart works (although that may come up from time to time). What I hope to do is to share some of what’s happening with me or some memories of...Read More


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