Do you have someone who inspires you? I think most of us do. For some, it can be someone famous in business or sport, for example many are inspired by the story of Richard Branson and the businesses he has successfully run over the years. And even Steven Bradbury can be inspirational to some – his simple strategy won him a Winter Olympic gold medal.

There is someone on the periphery of my life who I find inspiring. Let me tell you about him.

I would say that he’s in his 60’s, possibly of Italian heritage. Every single day, if you go to my local gym in the mid-morning, you will see him there. Sometimes he goes into the pool and sometimes he exercises in the gym itself.

But he’s there, to the best of my knowledge, 7 days a week.

“That doesn’t sound that inspiring or interesting” is probably what you are thinking. “Anyone can get up and go to the gym every day.”  And I agree with you. Everyone can get up and go to the gym every day. But not everybody does.

So what is it about this bloke that inspires me?

Every day he gets to the gym and parks his car. He slowly gets up out of his car and holds himself up using the door. He puts a backpack on which is a labored process to watch, much less to undertake. He then draws out two walking sticks, steps away from the car, shuts the door and makes his way to the change rooms. At a guess, I would say this process takes him somewhere between 15-20 minutes. And once he has changed into his activity appropriate clothing, he has spent another 15-20 minutes before he begins whatever activity it is he is undertaking that day.

I don’t know why he has two walking sticks. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he uses them to ensure that he continues exercising his body as much as he possibly can.

I can recall holding the change room door open for him one day. I stood there for a minute or two as he made his way past me. As he did, another guy had to stand back behind me to let him through, and as he went through, he thanked me for holding the door open. The guy standing behind me said “he never thanked me the time I held the door open for him”.  It’s funny how some people think. The bloke has just done what might be the equivalent of a 10km run – I’m happy to do my little bit to make it easier for him.

So there’s a little story of someone who inspires me.

Who inspires you?

With hearty thanks for reading,

That Heart Guy


P.S. For those of you who don’t know who Steven Bradbury is, here’s a link to his Wikipedia page and a You Tube clip of him winning his gold medal. It’s a good story!





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