For the last few weeks, I have had some old friends on my mind. I haven’t seen them in a long time and I have been left to wondering where they ended up.

And yesterday I spent the day with a few circles of friends – I shared breakfast with some friends who I see often and have been friends with only a few years, I caught up with some old school friends for lunch and we chatted about feeling old and not having much time to catch up, and then I visited an old school friend who was in hospital, but she lives close by and we keep (arguably) reasonably regular contact.

I’m not really sure why my old friends have been on my mind a lot late. Their names are Ben and Katie. They were never a couple, in fact if the truth be told, Katie was always chasing me. Ben would have had more luck with me – haha

The three of us met at the Royal Children’s Hospital when we were about 15 or 16 years old. Katie had cystic fibrosis and Ben had numerous heart surgeries and he ended up having a heart transplant. When in hospital together, we were a little naughty, always up to no good by watching videos we weren’t meant to, and getting pizzas delivered to ER so we could go down and collect the pizza and take it back up to our rooms.

As the picture I set above, we have different circles of friends in life. I don’t know why I have been missing Ben and Katie a lot lately. You see, they were both dead by the time I was 19. A circle of friends, with just me left standing.

I kind of wonder if the reason they are forefront in my mind at the moment, is because I need a kick up the bum to contact my friends more often. All the “we’re just so busy”, is quite frankly, just bullshit. And I’m calling myself out as a bullshitter on this subject too.

How many of my friends would be happy with a 2 minute call, just so we can hear each other’s voice? How often would a “just letting you know I’m thinking of you” sms make one of my friends smile?

We never know when we’ll be the last man standing. Trust me, nearly 25 years on, if you’re anything like me, you’ll still miss the friend’s who’s voice you can no longer hear.



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