It was March the 1st and one of my good friends had a message from Facebook welcoming in autumn and writing “we hope you enjoy the changing of the seasons”.

She replied (I doubt Mark Zuckerburg read it!):

“No. No I don’t facebook. Not one little bit….” And she copied in another person who is known for not enjoying winter.

I added a newspaper link to show that March is actually being forecast to be quite hot and the conversation went along the lines of this:

My Friend: Its never long enough. I try and love winter… but its the total lack of sunshine…

Me: You gotta find the sunshine

My Friend: True…

Me: Fo sho

The other person who my friend had included in her original message then popped into add:

“…….I agree I don’t want to be reminded. To me – March is still summer. Look, autumn is fine. I’m friends with autumn till around mid/late April when it starts to turn & those cold blasts start. Then, I start to get slightly annoyed, then I usually have a holiday booked for June – somewhere warm, like I do this year in Japan. Then I come back to cold hell. By August, I am depressed. Standard stuff.”

Too be honest, I sat there kind of dumbfounded. Each year, this person has a planned “depression” in August and just dismisses it as “standard stuff”. There was more to the conversation but the theme was the same around just not even buying into the thought that you can find happiness in winter.

So my friend who posted originally wrote:

I’m going to embrace it this year. Coats . Rain. All of it. F*** you Winter!

The others reply was “We will speak in August” with an emoji wink face which I read to imply “I don’t believe you”.

The conversation from my friend who wrote the original post then changed and she swapped comments with another one of her friends who said that winter is great for baking, woolly scarves, fires, casseroles……….all positive stuff.

I can’t quite believe that someone who has the gift of being alive and healthy, can complain each year that it’s winter and, in my view, plan to be “depressed”. What a very sad way to view the world, when you’re blessed with health, an income, a roof over your head, food on the table, friends to share it with…..the list goes on.

As I said to my friend right at the start – You gotta find the sunshine.


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