Episode 25

It was October 6th in 2011 when I was admitted into hospital at St Vincent’s. I had met a new cardiologist the day before and he was not letting me be active – I was in “heart failure” and within days of being in hospital, they would not allow me to walk any great...Read More

Episode 24

It was March the 1st and one of my good friends had a message from Facebook welcoming in autumn and writing “we hope you enjoy the changing of the seasons”. She replied (I doubt Mark Zuckerburg read it!): “No. No I don’t facebook. Not one little bit….” And she...Read More

Episode 23

Like many people, I often start off with small goals to change. You know the sort, where you decide you’ll change, but rather than decide that you’ll change NOW, you always start next Monday? If I’m completely honest with myself, I have been really slack this year. I...Read More


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