From birth, Peter was always going to have a life where heart health was going to make an impact on him. But he chose to make it a major influence in the positive, active and happy life that he has had.

But Peter isn’t your average guy with heart disease. He has managed to thrive after having had open heart surgery five times and that’s why he is That Heart Guy. He has overcome the odds and focuses on being a positive contributor to society.

Peter believes that everyone can create success, but no-one knows what comes next, so right now is the time to be active.

As either a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator That Heart Guy can help you, your business or community organisation improve today.

"…Peter isn’t your average guy with heart disease."


If you are looking for a unique keynote speaker or a workshop facilitator, That Heart Guy is your guy. Peter shares his unique stories to show that you can overcome adversity and create a better outcome for you and the people around you.

His keynote topics are centred on belief, action, resilience and success. The stories are relevant to all ages and communities.

Peter’s ability to connect with individuals and organisations comes from his journey of working in the corporate sector, the not for profit sector, running community organisation, being on numerous boards but most importantly, his belief that success can be driven by 1 person and that everyone can actively create wins.

Peters approach makes his story and strategies relevant whether you are from the country or the city, a farmer, a cleaner, run your own small to medium size business or the CEO of a large corporation.

"…centred on belief, action, resilience and success."

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